3 Powerful Tips for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

3 Powerful Tips for Commercial Real Estate Brokers


Brokate Janitorial works with many of Springfield, Branson and other Southwest Missouri Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Brokers to make their job of managing facilities as easy as possible.  While cleaning and facility maintenance is our specialty, Brokate Janitorial works hard to be the ultimate resource for commercial real estate professionals looking for advice, help or a quality referral for other services such as HVAC, Electric, Plumbing, Elevator work and more.

  1. We’ve recently discovered a website that is FREE and tremendously helpful for CREs in a number of ways: theBrokerList.  It is a great network of brokers from all over the world that work together to share information, find additional space and new clients outside of your market by networking with other CRE professionals. It also serves as a professional place to register your information and website as an additional FREE way to be found. This one is a no-brainer; check it out!
  2. Take some time to learn and register for Social Media sites- LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. It’s here to say and is an incredibly powerful and free way to promote your business, properties and time sensitive information  to others.  With a little work, you can setup these sites to auto-post to each other making  it a one-step process for generating timely information across multiple sites with just one-click! Here is a Great Article (Social Media Tips) on what and how often to post items to optimize effectiveness to your target audience. Be sure to list your website and contact information on each of them to help others find you!
  3. Consult with your janitorial service provider about providing Building Inspections periodically while they are doing their quality control inspections.  If your current janitorial service doesn’t perform regular quality inspections, it may be time to hire another service. At Brokate Janitorial, we can build custom digital inspections to be performed at intervals specific to each location that generate automatic emails to the brokers and clients upon completion.  This is an easy way to identify burnt out lights, defective switches, emergency exit signs and much more without having to step inside the facility!

These 3 Powerful Tips can help increase your business, expand your online presence, improve your existing relationships with your current facilities and make your job a little easier with additional resources to access for any situation that arises.

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